Industry Standards Are Set By R. F. Technologies, Inc.

RFT Was The First

RFT IS The...

  • To Offer Same Day Service
  • To Develop Prepaid Shipping Labels
  • To Implement the Famous "Buy Back" Trade-In Program for Out of Date Drive Thru Equipment
  • To Offer 4 Month / 120 Day Parts & Labor Repair Warranty
  • To Develop a Multi-Store Savings Program
  • To Implement 24 Hour, Live, Free Customer Service & Technical Support
  • Largest Service Center In North and South America
  • Exclusive Repair Enhancement provider for increased strength and durability repairs that increase the overall life of your drive thru equipment
  • Only No-Contract, $59.00/mo Unlimited Repair Maintenance Program Provider

More than 80% of the services your drive thru location relies on were developed and implemented by R.F. Technologies, Inc. RFT molded the industry standards we know today for quality, value, reliability, speed of service, and integrity.

stronger drive thru headset repairs FREE SHIPPING!  Print Shipping Labels Instantly No Contract Unlimited Repair Batteries On Sale!